is getting better !

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know some of the things we have been working on to improve your user experience on Producteev.

- The website optimization is on progress, the loading time should be much better right now ! - Now when you proceed to a payment via Paypal, we guide you through the process. You don’t have to worry if you are not used to paying via Paypal, we made it very simple and understandable. - Task creation just became a piece of cake - From now on, you will  see a progression bar when you upload documents. - We fixed many bugs and compatibility issues with Internet Explorer. If you had problems in the past using Producteev on this browser, it should be working without any problem now. What we are currently working on : - Improve and add features to the Mail to Task. Soon it’s going to be possible to attach a file on a task directly via email and add tags (deadlines, share it, set a reminder etc…). In case you didn’t know it, you can easily add a task to your dashboard simply by shooting an email to - A new version of Producteev for iPhone with a wonderful design, but sshhh…!
- And many more features we will talk about when ready ! Take care and enjoy Producteev !, your Group Task Management application is now launched!

Hi there!

As you might have heard, we launched the real deal, the “Out of Beta” version of on September 2nd.

The buzz has been all around the place, and we’re pretty amazed by the awesome feedback we got, thanks for all your emails, tweets and uservoice messages!

Producteev is a very well-designed online task management and collaboration service for individuals and small groups” - Frederic Lardinois / ReadWriteWeb

We introduced a few things and a brand new interface that are definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already:

- New Interface : Whole new visual identity, with simple and well thought look and feel.

- 4 languages : English, French, Spanish, German

- Interactive Guide / Tutorial : Let you guide by our interactive tutorial that you can find by clicking on the “?” at the top of your Producteev dashboard.

- New features :
> Reporting : that lets you receive and download customized reports based on your work activity
> Smart Filters : now you can create specific boxes in your dashboard based on some cross criteria like : all the tasks done, with a deadline ending this week.
> Shared To-Do lists : Create common To-Do lists with your colleagues, where anyone can add tasks, change the status of tasks, add deadlines,… VERY USEFUL.
> Timeline : You can now view your deadlines on tasks in a Calendar view. We’ll introduce soon integrations with iCal, Outlook and Google Calendar.

- Crowdsource Your Tasks : What if you could publish some of your tasks to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and get help from your worldwide network? Introducing “Crowdsource your tasks” : another step towards a next generation productivity application.

- Mobile Apps : We launched a new iPhone client, and it’s now entirely FREE, plus a great Android application. Both of them available on the AppStore and AndroidMarket.

- Live Feed : The Live Feed has been improved a lot, and we are starting to support other popular Productivity applications like SlideShare, Zoho Docs, Scribd… Just add your credentials in the “Services” menu, and we’ll retrieve your feeds from those apps in the Producteev Live Feed.

Plus many other things! Come check them out, and let us know your feedback!

Take care guys and talk to you soon!

Real Time Collaboration : Introducing Push Notifications

Everyone is talking about “Real Time” nowadays right? Producteev is officially jumping into the bandwagon today, and is introducing some “Real Time” Collaboration features. Indeed, @lasryaric has been telling us for a while : “I can do some push notifications on Producteev, let me do it!”, and we used to reply “Not on the roadmap yet…”. Classic Dev / Product team talks… But finally, he took some nights and week-ends to show us that it was actually worth it, and indeed it was! Introducing Real-Time Notifications on Producteev : When we say “Real-Time Collaboration” we are really saying that without refreshing your dashboard even once, you will see showing up in real time and highlighted : - Tasks statuses udpated by your colleagues on shared tasks - New Shared To-Do lists - New shared tasks - New Comments - Tasks modified - Tasks sent by E-mail / IM and Twitter in your Recipient To-Do list

Here is a quick screencast I just did, unfortunately I cannot embed it… so here is the URL : Here is what I demo in this screencast : the scenario Josh and Eva are collaborating, they are students, I am on Josh’s dashboard. 1. Eva is creating a new Shared To-Do list (Finance Courses - Homework), showing up at the bottom, then I am dragging and dropping it 2. Eva is commenting on Josh’s task called “PHPBB”, the task is highlighted and there’s a new comment in the picto (on the left side) 3. Eva is adding a new task on our new Shared To-Do list (“Create the Brochure”) 4. And changing the status of the task 5. You can also notice the Gtalk notification window on the right that alerts me of a new task created. All of this in REAL TIME, No refresh. Now this is some cool stuff! Feedback appreciated!

[New in Producteev] Custom Reporting

Hi everyone! Summer has started, but we are releasing more new features than ever at Producteev. Today, I will tell you about a very useful feature : Building Custom Reports. For several different reasons, our users need custom reporting for their datas, may it be by To-Do list, by tasks’ statuses, by tasks’ deadlines… Imagine if you could send a weekly work report to your Boss in a few clicks? Later on we will provide you very interesting analytics on your productivity… Stay tuned!

A few simple steps to create your own customized reports : 1. Pick a name for your report. You can edit it later on 2. Choose the categories you want to display in your report : > To-Do lists : just pick the categories you want to see in this report > Smart Filters : if you want to have detailed and filtered datas in this report, you need to create a “SmartBox” (our filter) first, and then choose pick this box to include in your report. 3. If you want every info concerning your tasks (sharing, files attached, comments…), pick the “Full" report, otherwise, pick the "Light" one. 4. You can receive your weekly or monthly by email 5. Click Create, then download it in HTML or CSV, and hit “Save Report”! 6. You can edit your reports as many times as you want How do you like this new feature? What else would you add to the Reporting feature? Feel free to react here or on YOUR forum :

Innovation : Producteev introduces the “Smart To-Do Lists”

Many of you asked for the ability to filter their tasks in their dashboard, which makes total sense. We didn’t want to build any filter, so we built the “Smart To-Do list” feature. What do they do? 1. First, click on the “Create a SmartBox” button

2. Pick the different filters you want to add to your Smart Box, example : I want to see all the tasks done from June 15th to June 28th, shared with John.
3. Click on “Save your smart filter” and a New Box will be created with a different look and feel and all the tasks filtered
Soon, we’ll be able to provide you with lots of fascinating stats about your team’s productivity thanks to those smart filters! Hope you like them!

Announcing the “Shared To-Do lists”

It was one of the most requested features, and there you go, we launched it today. Basically the problem that you used to have is simple, different colleagues could be working on the same project, but each one had to create its own box about this project, and nothing was synced. Now it’s fixed Two ways to create “Shared To-Do lists” : 1. From the New “Add a To-Do list” Button on the top of your dashboard, just click on “Create a Shared To-Do list” and pick the colleagues you want to share the box with

2. From a box already created, go to “Modify”, then “Share with”, and pick the names of your colleagues. Done.
The To-Do list will be instantly (in push) duplicated in your colleagues’ dashboards, and everyone involved has the same rights to add a task, change a deadline, add a file,… Every action will remain synced in Real-Time! We’ll be happy to hear your feedback on this new feature!

New Task Features and a New Task Detail

Hi everyone, To become an even more powerful and robust Task Management application, we wanted to bring you more features, much more features. Here they are : - Set a context to your tasks : Home / Mobile / Office

- Progression Bar : you can set the completion on every task, and see it even when the task detail pop up is closed
- Set a deadline : Now you can set a deadline to all your tasks and set a reminder. We’ll introduce soon a new timeline view with your deadlines + an export to your fav calendars - Snooze : Thanks to this feature you can create Recurrent Tasks, which was a greatly requested feature. Daily, Weekly, Montly, you choose! - Ping : My favorite new feature :) Now you can Ping your colleagues about a task you shared with them. What does it mean? Select their names, and click on Ping, it is going to send a notification on all of their services connected to Producteev (email, IM, twitter…)
- Attach a file to a task : YAY! Now you can attach a file to any task, and every file will be stored and opened from the “Files” tab. We are trying to keep our 3 tabs (Dashboard, Live Feed and Files) interconnected to each other
- Assign a task to a colleague from the Task Detail : Just select the names, and click “Share”, it’s that simple. Hope you like those new features, and please continue to give us your feedback, we love it! Stay tuned for more disruptive developments very soon :)

Sort tasks in a box : Done!

Hi guys,

You asked for it? We deliver!

That was the 2nd most requested feature on our UserVoice : Be able to sort tasks in boxes by drag and drop.

Now you can rearrange your tasks the way you want it, if you need some help to reorder them by status, just click on “Modify” then “Reorder”, and voila!

We look forward to your feedbacks on this new feature.

Some more are coming, and believe me, in 2 weeks, Producteev won’t be the same…

New features, bugs fixed

Another day, another release! New Features: 1. Resize : This was a popular feature request, we made it happen, you can now resize your to-do lists on your Dashboard, and your colleagues’ dashboards

2. Collapse : You can now collapse your to-do lists one by one or collapse all + now we show you the number of tasks within each of them


Bugs fixed :

- The live feed is now totally stable

- IE7 compatibility bugs

You want a new feature? You see a horrible bug? Check out our forum on UserVoice Talk to you soon!