Geek Rendezvous #geekrdv Game Night

It was geeks galore on our very first (and uber-successful) game night on 8/31/11! We all gathered ‘round in teams, and battled each other in a game of Celebrity, which is a cross-breed of Charades and Taboo. Oh, and food? Of course we got that covered! There was pizza, drinks, and prizes! The prizes given included Producteev t-shirts, and ThinkGeek gift certificates! Check out the slideshow!

We would like to thank all the attendees for making our game night a raging success. There will surely be more to follow! Would you like us to host a game night for geeks in your city? Let us know in the comments below, or heck, you can even tweet us!

You know what’s better than one Producteev intern?…

The bosses are out buying new desks today. The reason? Another new face at headquarters. Meet a second summer intern, Florian!
I’m Florian Auban, and I just joined the Producteev team for a six-month web developer internship.

I didn’t hesitate one second to leave the cozy French riviera and discover the City That Never Sleeps! I’m in my fourth year of engineering school in Nice after the 3 first years in Paris (following my high school in Carcassonne, in the south of France). In Télécom ParisTech, my engineering school, I specialize in Information and Web Technologies, Networks and Multimedia. 

I have been passionate about web social technologies for the past 5 years. I even developed a social cooking website for a school project! Cooking is another passion of mine :) 
When not coding, I love playing soccer. And even if it’s not America’s favorite sport, I hope to find other French and American players while here in NYC!

At Producteev, I already find inspiration from such a dynamic team, and being set in an exciting city is a bonus! Follow me on twitter @pioupioup

Cheers to 3 years of Producteev - your fave task management app

Thanks to everyone who came out to our 3 year anniversary party last night. We had a blast celebrating with Producteev users and friends! As Ilan Abehassera, CEO, said in a short appreciation speech, “We wouldn’t have made it without the support of investors, our loved ones and families, and you — our customers!” See you next year!

Have no fear, @tushark is here - the social/community sidekick

Hello community, Judi, your CM of one year here :)

In economics, we learned about something called the Division of Labor. It may sound fancy, but all it really means is people get better at what they do when they specialize. 

Wearing lots of hats as community manager is a challenge I’ve enjoyed meeting; however, starting today, with the addition of a Social Media-Community intern I’ll be able to specialize and give customers — like you — better support.

This is something we can all be thankful for! Without further ado, meet Tushar Khandelwal, the latest and greatest add to the team.


I’m Tushar, a recent engineering grad, who joined the team as the new Social Media intern! I was born in India, but grew up in Tokyo, and came to New York to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia. I’m a self-proclaimed tech geek, read lifehacker and techcrunch, and have even served as an early adopter for everything from Producteev and Gmail to foursquare and other smaller startups.

I’ve been hardware hacking (with a little programming) for most of my life and besides serving as tech support for my family + friends, I also built an automatic wall painting robot! In the past couple of years, I’ve come to love the NYC tech and social media scene; as such, I’m excited for my internship at Producteev, helping people discover our apps and manage their tasks online.

When I’m not at my desk, you can find me biking the streets of New York or discovering new events and areas the city has to offer. My favorite productivity killers are Roll a D6 and a video I directed of my previous bosses madly running all over NYC. Feel free to keep in touch / follow me on twitter (@tushark) or stop by my blog at

Savory or sweet? Help us plan our 3-year anniversary party!


Thanks to Dave Weinber, of Silver Spring, MD for participating in our twitter contest yesterday. Producteev’s three-year anniversary is just around the corner and we’re throwing a little get-together!

Save the date for Tuesday, July 5, 2011 (the technical date of incorporation was July, 8, 2008). We’re planning a party here in New York City. So even if you can’t come, you can still help organize. 

Should we 

  • go a tad formal and do wine & cheese, or
  • make it a bit exotic with sushi!?

Beavers eat fish, right? You can count on there being birthday cupcakes. We’ll send more info and the link to RSVP in an upcoming newsletter. Keep your eyes peeled and your creative juices flowing. Cheers!

Photo credit: Josh Kenzer

Joining the team: @askmarkhamilton Windows developer & kitten rescuer

We’ve kept quiet about Mark Hamilton, our new Windows dev. He’s been chucking away at over 4,000 lines of code. If you’re interested in beta testing what he’s developing (it’s going to kick A$#, by the way) drop us a comment below!

In Mark’s own words: 
Hello everyone, I’m Mark, a 24-year-old developer that just joined the Producteev team. I’ve been programming for most of my life, starting from the day my dad taught when I was a little kid. My focus has changed a lot over the years as I drifted from project to project, but it’s given me the opportunity to work on everything from palmtop computers and desktop applications to websites and video games. I’ve arrived here at these offices by happenstance, but my goal is very clear; I’m helping create a solid product that people use around the world.

When I’m not at the office, walking the streets of New York, or spending time with my family on Long Island, my rock star alter ego likes to come out and jam on the bass guitar. If you’d like to keep in touch, you can follow me on Twitter at @askmarkhamilton or stop by my blog at

A Fun Look at What Our Workspaces Say About Us

A few weeks ago we shared an article about What Your Workspace Says About You.

Below are photos of our desks and a few of the possible inferences. Can you guess whose desk each one is?

  • paper stacks - this person spends a lot of time processing documents and serving as the organization’s record keeper
  • mega screens - s/he means business!

  • headphones - this person has a need for quiet so s/he can get in the zone
  • pen & paper - s/he blends old school tools and therefore isn’t that geeky
  • snacks - this person needs to frequently recharge those batteries, this hints at having high-energy work
  • phones - s/he spends a great deal of time on the phone, who could that be?!

  • charts, graphs, etc. - this data-driven individual plans with a purpose
  • tins of crackers & candies - like the above post suggests, s/he invites people to hang out and may serve as supervisor
  • random bottles - not sure what this means, what do you think?
  • multiple devices - s/he manages multiple platforms and therefore is the most geeky ;)

What does your desk say about you? We’d love to hear!

A new face at Producteev: Welcome, Attila!

Attila Sary, Sales Manager

Attila comes to Producteev from Stack Overflow, where he was the first sales hire - subsequently building and executing their Career and Digital Advertising sales. Prior to that, Attila worked in the Financial Services Sector as a Sales Manager for both New York Life Insurance and John Hancock - where he also developed a skill for hiring and managing sales teams.

At Producteev, has been tasked with building revenue and organizing the sales department so that Google will take notice and offer Producteev a $6 billion buyout. Off the record, he would be happy with $5 billion.

Attila lives within walking distance of the office, has two spoiled dogs, plays a vintage Strat, and collects 1st editions.