Summer Productivity Survival Kit

Summer is a challenging time for productivity in the office and in general!

You can’t deny that during summer the atmosphere at work is different: colleagues or clients go away on vacations, it’s warmer, and the office doesn’t seem to be the dream destination, but summer can be restorative and PRODUCTIVE following these few easy rules:


Plan in advance – Build a clear calendar as it will be important to organize yourself with a clear vision of when people go on vacations and make sure everyone in the teams also knows when others will be away.

Change priorities – Take advantage of this time with less people in the office to focus on projects that have been left behind and don’t require that many people. For example, business being slow might be a great opportunity to prioritize non-usual tasks: innovate, organize some brainstorming or team building sessions and get employees out of their comfort zones to do things that they wouldn’t do during the year.

Get ahead for September - Take advantage of the slower weeks to get ahead on tasks that will be difficult to schedule in the fall, for example, get the plans and schedules ready to have a clear vision of the strategy when fall starts.

Change the Schedule - Be realistic, summer is the key time to focus more on results that time spent in the office and generally it’s a good time to focus on high-energy time slots.  For some people it typically is better to get earlier to work during summer as they have more energy than later in the day when it gets warmer when the idea of getting out of work becomes overwhelming. 

Summer Hours & “Summer Fridays” 

To eradicate the long Friday afternoons when employees can’t focus and just can’t wait to get out of the office, some companies especially here in the US choose to shorten Fridays and find out that not only it increases employees’ satisfaction but it also increases productivity. Unless their workload is too heavy, employees can then manage their time during the week to be out early on Friday or finish their week on Thursday nights. Of course to be successful summer hours need to meet company’s goals and not distract teams from main task.

Avoid Distractions – It will be hard especially during this big Summer of Sports with events as Euro 2012 and the Olympics which might affect productivity on the workplace. The important part is to define time to focus and time for entertainment whether is to take some special breaks as a team or for individuals.

Take time off – It can be few days or a week but taking time to chill out and disconnect from work will make a difference when the workload is back to normal in September.



New on the Web App: New design, more space, task followers (Hot!)

 Hi everyone,

Ilan here, I am very excited about a couple of announcements:


We’ve been trying to improve the design of our task detail (the third panel on the right) for a little while. We’ve received requests about the lack of space on the right, especially for the “Note” section. So, there you go, we made it MUCH better.


We’ve improved the layout and the way some of our features were presented, we put some in the top banner of the task detail, and the most important ones in the center of this panel, that is to say: due dates, assignation, label, priority and notes.

We’ve also added 20% more space to the task panel. But we thought we could still do better to let you enjoy collaboration around Notes in a better way.


You can now put your Notes on each task in “Full Screen”, and that’s awesome. No more explanation needed I guess, just way more space for discussions around tasks.



We had that feature baking for a while, you could already add followers to a task by mentioning people (@john for instance) in the note section, but it wasn’t enough.


Now, if anyone from your team needs to be aware of changes around a task, without being in charge of it, this feature is for you.

Example: there are five people in your team. You’re Bill, the CEO, there’s John, the manager below you, and there are 3 people, directly working with John: Sarah, Jack and Phil. If you want to assign a task to Sarah, and simply want John to be able to track that task, add him as a follower, and let the magic happen.

The follower of a task gets notified when a note is posted, there’s a change in the assignee or when the task gets checked off.

You can easily unfollow any task by mousing over the “following” button which turns into “unfollow”.

Anyone can add one of his colleagues as a follower of a task.

For many users, this feature will totally replace a “multi-assign” functionality.

We keep working on improving your experience on each of the platforms we’re supporting, hope you like this one guys!

Top 5 Ways to Turn Around a To-Do List From Being a Total #Fail

To-do lists are hard, we all struggle with them. Sometimes they seem to take over our lives. We can’t let that happen!

Below are the top five signs you need to change your to-do list and how to make that happen.

  1. A disheveled appearance that’s no longer hipster. Messy hair and ’80s clothes work for residents of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But looking a hot mess 24/7 and outside of New York City often indicates a lack of personal care. Not looking your best and paying inadequate attention to personal appearance is a faux pas in France. Nobody would be caught dead in sweatpants or Crocs over there! If you’re constantly throwing on scrubs and not working in the medical field, you may need to rearrange your to-do list. Remove things, for instance, that don’t need to be there. You’ll be happier and more likely to score a hot date, which is a win-win in our opinion. ;)
  2. Inability to carry on coherent conversations. Have you become a space cadet? Earth to Jane/John! Do you sometimes get emails thrown back at you due to not thoroughly reading them and failing to respond to all questions and concerns? You probably need to take a short break, so that your focus becomes sharper. Try the Pomodoro Technique if you haven’t already.
  3. Desks and desktops that are utterly out of control. Similar to personal appearance, our workspaces should be cared for and attended. Taking moments to organize your files each day, and clearing your desk - even once a week if you don’t have time everyday - will have huge impacts on time saved in the long run. Don’t make your life harder. Keep your workspaces clean and orderly. You’ll be better at getting your work done, we guarantee. 
  4. People avoiding your increasingly curmudgeony ways. If you’ve morphed into a cranky, angry person nobody wants to be around and all your co-workers dodge you in the hallways - now is the time to get serious about work-life balance. Here’s a great guest post on strategies for work-life balance. Our relationship to work affects our personal relationships. Americans especially need to be more mindful of when to put more energy on the human side and less on the money making side.
  5. Complete exhaustion and on the verge of system meltdown. OK, you’re way overdue for that work-life balance. Follow user Tony Morgan and delegate whenever possible. Go back to basics and priorities. We can’t always get everything done that we want to - but we can work intelligently to get things done that we need to. Learn about the Covey Method for prioritization, from student user Aaron Couch. Have an amazing method of your own? We want to hear it in the comments!

At Producteev, we believe you can master your to-do list. Often, it’s just a matter of re-figuring things out. Learn more about conquering your to-dos, including the famous Getting Things Done framework, from business analyst Karl Burkum.


The thinking behind our home page redesign.

Yes, we’re live with a brand new home page, and we think it rocks, check it out here :

A few weeks ago we decided to redesign the Producteev home page. We liked the previous version, but we wanted to see if we could do better. Specifically we wanted to provide a better presentation of Producteev and its unique features. We were interested in less copy, more visuals, and a step by step presentation.

Down the road, we’ve noticed that visitors were mainly looking for three things: what we do, what makes us special, and how much the product costs. Based on feedback we focused on building a layout that would give all this information at a glance.
We came up with a fancy slideshow that first describes Producteev as an easy-to-use and cross platform task management application. Then we emphasized the fact that Producteev was great either if you use it as an individual or as part of a team. Finally, we highlighted the “mail-to-task” feature because we believe that one of our main goal is to get your tasks out of your e-mail inbox.
We also brought the sign up form right to the home page. We did it because we firmly believe that the best way to discover the added value of Producteev in your daily projects is to experience it by yourself instead of reading features descriptions here and there.
2012 has been a very exciting year so far. Lots of companies signed up for PRO accounts. We decided to give them some room on this new home page. We’re happy to introduce you to a few of them like Apple, Financial Times, Logitech, and lot of Small Businesses who make us proud to develop a better product for them, day after day. We’re looking forward to create a customer section on the website so we can present different successful use cases of Producteev in various industries.
We hope that this new home page will help building a wider and stronger Producteev community.
For reference, here was the previous design:


The new one:


Hope you enjoy it!


The Producteev User Experience team.


Subtasks now on the Producteev Android app!

After the long wait (thank you for your patience), the subtasks feature has been released in the latest Android update. Download it here :


Right from the task details screen, you will be able to see the subtasks associated to it. If you click on the subtasks list, you will access the edit screen where you can add, delete (long click), check on/off and change the title (simple click) of a subtask.

This is pretty much following the same flow as the web app and the other native apps. The drag and drop re-ordering will come soon.

**This major feature release requires a complete upgrade of your local producteev database. If you decide to update the app, you will be logged out and on your next login, a complete fresh sync will occur for a few moment. All data -all tasks, workspaces, labels, notes- not synced with the web app will be lost, so make sure you do a full sync before the update.**

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions. The next features will be the social logins (google and facebook sign on) and the Android native push notifications.

Looking forward to your feedback.

The Producteev Android Team.

[HOWTO] Import Toodledo Tasks to Producteev (you need an Android device)

[Thanks A LOT to Lee Gooding for providing that excellent tutorial on our Support Center, let’s give him the stage!]

This isn’t so much an idea, as a way to import tasks from Toodledo. I have about 100 tasks in my Toodledo account and I wanted to move them over to Producteev. It took me about 15 minutes.

I have tested this with the Android version of Astrid.

Step 1:

Download and install TaskUnifier (

Step 2:

Add the Toodledo sync plugin, and the Google Tasks publish plugin available for FREE for TaskUnifier.

Step 3: 

Sync TaskUnifier with your Toodledo account

Step 4:

Publish your newly synced tasks to your Google Tasks (using the TaskUnifier publish plugin)

Step 5:

Install Astrid for your mobile device (Android). Setup syncing with and Google Tasks. DO NOT SETUP PRODUCTEEV YET.

Step 6 (this may not be necessary): 

Once your Google tasks have been synced to Astrid, you can go ahead and remove the connection to Google. 

Sync with Astrid. Login to the web version Astrid and you should see all your Toodledo tasks now in Astrid.

Step 7

Add your Producteev account to the Astrid mobile app. 

NOTE: If you already had a producteev link then you must remove the connection to reset sync data, otherwise this will not work.

Once you have added your login info, it will sync automatically. 

Step 8

Check your Producteev account. All your Toodledo tasks should now be imported!

I really hope this helps some of you!

Our iPhone Update has faster sync, quickfilters, and shows the next due date on completed reoccurring tasks!

The sync feature runs as a Background Task so you don’t have to wait until sync is finished before leaving the app

This new sync makes it faster to synchronize with other Producteev platforms.

Our new QuickFilters selector is simple!  Just swipe up to open and you will save time.  You can still long press the button too.

In the Task LIst, you can set a reoccurring task as done and it will now display it’s next due date.  We also fixed a few things:
  • Saved Quickfilter tab (Starred, Late, Today) displays the correct filtered view after launch.
  • Editing a Label’s name no longer creates a new one in some cases.
  • Sync error when creating a label with the same name as another.
  • Removing all the labels from a task is now possible

Go update it here:



      Mac app Update! Subtasks are here, New design, and more

      You’ve been waiting for it, it’s here!

      We’ve just updated the Mac app with a couple of new things and fixes :

      - Subtasks!

      Yes you can now create, sync, edit, delete and rearrange subtasks from the Mac App 


      - New Design: faster, simpler, whiter, better


      Improved Collaboration filters: It now behaves like the web app. Click on your avatar top left to change the view

      - A bunch of bugs are now fixed, like crash at logins for some users, and little improvements here and there.

      Update it here :

      If you like it, please rate us 5 stars, it does help a lot!